Double Standards?

In 2001 Redditch Borough Council refused Stratford-On-Avon permission to build houses on the area marked 'Industrial Development' (also called the Winyates Triangle) )on the Affected Areas Map, sighting the effect it would have on the bio-deversity of the area. 

Since then, RBC have rented the land from SOA with the intention of building an industrial development. Surely this cannot be true.

Affected Areas

Questions to the Council 14th October

I attended the full council meeting and asked the following questions. 

Question 1: The councils Statement of Community Involvement sets out a clear statement that Community Involvement is fundamental to the development of The Local Plan. The draft Local Plan No 4 also states that the plan has been 'influenced by the local community', as well as stakeholders and developers. The statement adds that it aims to help the local community see that the housing growth can re-vitalise the area. To date, there is little evidence that either of these claims have been robustly pursued.

To the contrary, to date the council have only given one example of direct communication, which was a letter to a Winyates Green resident, mistakingly referenced as a member of a group that was disbanded more than a decade ago. Similarly, it has not been made clear which part of this strip of loved greenbelt and special wildlife site, or the residential area of the green is in need of re-vitalisation.

Can the residents of Winyates Green be given the opportunity to influence this plan. Can meaningful consultation can take place, giving us the time and opportunity to fully understand the proposals and its implications. Can we have an exhibition jointly hosted by the council and local residents in the Winyates Green Community Centre. 

Question 2: In 2001, Stratford on AVON submitted a planning application to build housing along this strip of land. It was refused for many reasons, but I would like to focus on one in particular, it relates to access to the housing estate from Far Moor Lane. It was turned down in 2001. [At time of writing, council planning experienced difficulty locating the documented reasons that road access to the site was refused]Access to a housing estate from Far Moor Lane now appears to considered by planning to be acceptable. Can the council clarify what has changed, and why the original ruling has been overturned.

Ramblers Footpaths