Industrial Site Development

Redditch and Bromsgrove Council are planning to build an industrial estate on Stratford District Council land. It is on the north  side of Longhope Close, known as the Winyates Triangle. This will descimate the wildlife and have a profound effect on our environment.

We’re unfortunate enough to be facing another assault on the land surrounding our community. A total of 177 or 250 houses [depends who you ask] have been planned and an industrial estate. What can we do about it?

Housing Developments

"the plan had not met the prime objective, which is to let the local community influence its policies and plans. What is particularly galling is residents in Winyates Green having no knowledge of 225 houses proposed to be built. Councillors have never discussed it. How can this be a truly open and transparent way of doing business?

Juliet Brunner

The Impact On Our Lives

The Late Councillor Albert Wharrad,

Leader, Redditch Borough Council

This Biodiversity Action Programme is a “call to arms” – a challenge to all of us in the community and within the Borough Council, to recognise that our wildlife is truly a treasured inheritance, under threat and needing our protection. How important it is that our children grasp this message too. We can all make a difference, but only if we both change our outlook and work together. The document must not sit on the shelf and gather dust but be translated into action for our wildlife to benefit. I urge everyone, the residents of Redditch Borough, its Council staff and the Councillors themselves, to play their part in responding to the challenge.

1000+ Submissions


There was an amazing 1000+ submitted to the planning dept. Your efforts should be applauded, considering that eight weeks ago, none of us had even heard of the proposed housing developments. 

I know that some groups have employed planners to submit their forms, which I am sure would have been much better quality and better worded than the one I submitted, but I think I got the main points across. The council display all of the representations on their site without the names on, I think that will take a couple of weeks as Mappleborough Green still to have theirs submitted.

Dear Neighbours

It has been a quiet couple of months, but it looks like things are beginning to kick off again.

Many of you who provided me with your details will have received a notification from the planning inspectors saying that the process is about to begin.

It starts in early June, I have provided the document that briefs us of the protocols that we must adhere to. It lasts only a couple of days, but lays the groundwork for the fuller enquiry later in the year. I must warn you that they may decide that the plan should have been for yet more houses. In reality that would not really effect us any more than what they already have planned, because they want to fill up the land anyway.fa

There has been a lot of information in the press about the house building scheme that the government is implementing. There is discontent within the government ranks.

Planning Hearing 16 and 17th June

Please read the email I received from the Planning Inspector.

Dear Sir/Madam,
Borough of Redditch Local Plan No. 4 Hearings to Commence (Regulation 24(1) notice)
You have been sent this letter because you have submitted representations on the Proposed Submission version of the Borough of Redditch Local Plan No.4.
Regulation 24(1) of the The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 require the Council to inform you of the date, time and place of hearings and the name of the appointed Inspector examining the Plan. You may already have received similar information from the Programme Officer appointed to the examination.
Hearing sessions are held for the purpose of giving you the opportunity to appear before and be heard by the Inspector.
Mr Michael J Hetherington BSc(Hons) MA MRTPI MCIEEM has been appointed by the Secretary of State to conduct the Examination. Two initial hearing sessions are arranged for Monday 16th June (10am) and Tuesday 17th June (10am) at the Council Chamber, Redditch Town Hall, Walter Stranz Square, Redditch, B98 8AH. Further hearing sessions will be scheduled for September.
Information on the hearing sessions can be viewed on the Councils website at
Please note, if you have written to Bromsgrove District Council on the matter of Redditch Cross Boundary growth you may receive two notifications, one from each Council.

Yours faithfully,
Emma Baker
Acting Development Plans Manager
Redditch Borough Council


Received 2nd May

Dear Neighbours, I got this today. If you'd like anything raised, would like to comment etc. please email me.

The accompanying letter stated:

The Inspector has today issued the Draft Hearings Programme and the Draft Matters, Issues and Questions (MIQs) Paper.
The Inspector has set the deadline of 5pm on Monday 12 May for any comments on the MIQs. - at this stage the Inspector is only seeking comments on the wording of the Paper - he is not seeking answers to the questions posed (those would be contained in any pre-hearing statements that parties submit).